Finding the Right High Asset Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a challenging process that becomes even more complicated when significant assets are involved. A high asset divorce refers to cases where both parties have substantial financial stakes, including real estate properties, businesses, stock portfolios, retirement accounts, and valuable personal possessions like artwork or jewelry.

Why Retaining a High Asset Divorce Attorney is Crucial

Retaining an attorney experienced in high asset divorces is essential due to the complexity of these cases. These attorneys have extensive experience in handling such cases and can navigate the intricate financial and legal issues involved, unlike general divorce attorneys who may lack this specialized knowledge.

In short, a high asset divorce attorney can guide you through the intricate process of dividing substantial assets and help you reach a settlement that protects your financial interests and secures your future.

Retaining the Right High Asset Divorce Attorney for Your Case

To find the right high asset divorce attorney, you need to take several steps:

  • Research. Start by researching attorneys who specialize in high asset divorces in your area. Look at their credentials, experience, and client reviews.
  • Schedule case evaluations. Schedule consultations with a few potential candidates. During these meetings, ask about their experience with cases similar to yours and inquire about their strategy for your case. Ensure the attorney understands complex financial matters, including business valuations, tax implications, and property division laws in your state.
  • Consider your comfort level. It's important that you feel comfortable and confident in your attorney's abilities. You will be working closely together on sensitive matters. So, while you can look online or ask friends, you should look for someone who makes you feel seen and confidence.

Crucial Qualities of a High Asset Divorce Attorney

High asset divorce attorneys possess a set of unique qualities that sets them apart from general divorce attorneys:

  • Enhanced negotiation skills. These attorneys are skilled negotiators, able to secure favorable deals even in complex situations. They understand that in high asset divorces, there's often more room for negotiation and less likelihood of standard 50/50 splits.
  • Extensive experience handling complex financial matters. They have a deep understanding of complex financial matters, including how to value businesses and divide complex investment portfolios. They're also adept at uncovering hidden assets, which can be a common issue in high asset divorces.
  • Valuable connections. High asset divorce attorneys often have connections to financial experts, forensic accountants, appraisers, and other experts who can provide valuable insights and evidence in your case. These connections are crucial in high asset divorce cases, where complex financial matters often require specialized expertise. For instance, financial experts can provide insight into investment portfolios, tax implications, and asset valuation; forensic accountants play a critical role in uncovering hidden assets and ensuring full financial transparency; and business valuators are essential for determining the worth of privately held companies, while appraisers can accurately assess the value of valuable personal property such as art collections, jewelry, and real estate.
  • Long-term vision. High asset divorce attorneys possess the ability to have a long-term vision for their clients, recognizing that the decisions made during the divorce process can have significant implications for their client’s financial future. They go beyond seeking immediate gains and consider the long-term impact of settlement agreements, property division, and financial support arrangements. By taking into account potential tax consequences, investment strategies, and the overall financial well-being of their clients post-divorce, these attorneys strive to secure a favorable outcome that protects their clients' long-term interests and financial stability.
  • Experience with hidden assets. High asset divorce attorneys bring invaluable experience to cases involving concealed assets, benefiting their clients in numerous ways. These attorneys are adept at uncovering details about a spouse's financial situation and other assets, whether intentionally concealed or not. Their experience equips them with the skills to identify signs of concealed assets and utilize experts such as forensic accountants to thoroughly investigate financial records.

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If you are involved in a high-asset divorce in Florida, our firm is here and equipped to help you. Attorney Dale L. Bernstein has over 40 years of experience providing clients with quality representation and counsel. Known for our commitment to excellence and client-focused approach to cases, you can trust our team to listen to your concerns and case goals to better formulate a case strategy.

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