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Is an Annulment a Better Option Than Divorce?

Many people do not fully understand what an annulment is. People often use the word in a religious setting. A member of the clergy can annul a marriage in the eyes of the church, but it does not affect the civil marriage. A divorce or annulment must also occur in court before you can move on and remarry.

An annulment means that you prove a marriage never existed. A divorce dissolves an existing marriage, but an annulment argues that there never was a valid marriage. This can affect a great deal, including the division of property and financial arrangements.

The arguments for an annulment in Florida include:

  • One party was underage and did not have parental consent
  • One or both parties married as a joke or a trick
  • One spouse was impotent and did not disclose this before marriage
  • One of the parties lied to trick the other into marrying them
  • Mental problems, drugs, or alcohol have impaired the ability of one or both parties to marry
  • The marriage is bigamous or incestuous
  • One of the spouses is permanently mentally incapacitated

Annulments are harder to get than a regular divorce because the burden of proof is high. You will need a skilled New Port Richey annulment attorney on your side to prove your case.

If your marriage was fraudulent in some way, you might choose to pursue an annulment. We can help. Contact Dale L. Bernstein, Chartered Law Office for an appointment today.

Benefits of Annulment in Florida?

An annulment can be important to one or both spouses for moral or spiritual reasons. Some people do not want the stigma that may come with saying they are divorced. However, an annulment is not an easier or less expensive way out of marriage.

Feeling like someone fooled you into marrying them, or that you did not fully understand what you were getting into, can be infuriating and embarrassing. When you work with our New Port Richey annulment attorney at Dale L. Bernstein, Chartered Law Office, you can be sure that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Our firm is here for you every step of the way, answering questions, and making sure you understand what is happening. Let us be your voice and your strong advocate.We will fight vigorously to protect your rights.

Looking to annul your marriage? To make an appointment to discuss annulment options, contact us today at (727) 312-1112.


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