Cohabitation Agreement Attorney in New Port Richie

Protect Your Rights Outside of Marriage

Many people who live together for many years present themselves as being married. You may file taxes jointly, use the same name, and have property and even children in common. However, if the state has not granted you a marriage, you are failing to protect your rights.

If something happens and you end up in court, you may find that you do not have the rights to custody, visitation, finances, or property that you expect. While some jurisdictions recognize common-law marriage, Florida does not acknowledge any common-law relationships that began after 1968.

Having a legal agreement can help ensure your rights to:

  • Equitable distribution in case of a divorce
  • Making medical decisions if your partner is incapacitated
  • Inheritance if your partner passes away

When these agreements are properly set up by a New Port Richey family lawyer, they include full disclosures, signatures, and notarization. At that point, the cohabitation agreement becomes enforceable in court. These contracts do not hinder a relationship. Instead, they bring the freedom that comes from knowing both of you have protected your rights.

If you do not want to pursue marriage, a cohabitation agreement can help you make decisions and stay out of court if something happens. For a consultation, contact Dale L. Bernstein, Chartered Law Office today.

A Cohabitation Agreement Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Some people are hesitant to create a cohabitation agreement because they think they are planning for a breakup. While this contract does address breakups, it also covers a lot more. You can ensure your partner has financial support if you pass away, give permission for your partner to access important documentation, and more.

With an agreement in place, you can save time and money if there is a breakup because you will have rights to specific money and property. This can help avoid civil lawsuits and long, drawn-out court cases. A cohabitation agreement also gives you and your partner a chance to talk through important issues that you may not have fully thought out.

Strengthen your relationship and protect each other by contacting a New Port Richey family law attorney today. We can help you work through issues, reach agreements, and ensure that your document is enforceable in court. Contact us at (727) 312-1112 for an appointment today.


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