Professions with the Highest Divorce Rates

Types of Jobs with High Divorce Rates

Research suggests that certain professions have divorce rates that are significantly higher than others. This blog will explore some of these high-risk professions and discuss why individuals in these careers may be more prone to getting divorced.

In this blog, we primarily will be using data from a study by LendingTree; in this study, they reviewed data from the 2019 U.S. Census Bureau five-year estimate report to track the job types with the highest divorce rates. It is important to note that they investigated two different categories:

  • overall career paths, which look at what types of careers (which have multiple job titles and paths within them) have the highest divorce rates, and
  • individual occupations, which at specific roles that have the highest divorce rates.

Careers with Highest Divorce Rates

LendingTree research found that the types of jobs with the highest divorce rates are (in order):

  • Military professions. The overall divorce rate for military professionals (from accountants to infantry members to recruiters) is 3.09%. However, the rate among women is 4.54% and the rate among men is 2.9%. The national average is only a rate of 1.6%. There are several reasons that could contribute to this statistic, such as long periods away from home and high stress levels. Additionally, military personnel often move around frequently and high-stress difficult to establish stable relationships in the communities they serve. Another common reason for divorce is because of financial strain, and many military roles, especially entry-level roles, do not pay very highly.
  • Healthcare support workers. Another profession with a notably high divorce rate is medical professionals. The overall divorce rate in this field is 2.65%; women in the field have a divorce rate of 2.7% and men have a rate of 2.25%. Possible explanations for this statistic could include long hours, high stress levels, and difficult working conditions. While the odd and demanding hours
  • Food preparation and service employees. The overall divorce rate in this field is 2.49% –with the rate for women being 2.64% and the rate for men being 2.24%. Again, in this field, the employees can have erratic hours and odd schedules. Also, substance abuse issues are common among service industry employees, and such issues can lead to financial strain and/or a loss of trust between partners—both of which are leading causes of divorce.

Individual Occupations with Highest Divorced Rates

Here are the top ten specific roles that have some of the highest divorce rates in the United States:

  1. Bartenders.
  2. Waitstaff.
  3. Home health aides.
  4. Nursing assistants.
  5. Licensed practical and vocational nurses.
  6. Medical assistants.
  7. Dishwashers.
  8. Personal care aides.
  9. Security guards (including gambling surveillance officers).
  10. Industrial truck and tractor operators.

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Further Reading

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