Unique Issues in Celebrity Divorce

Are Celebrity Divorces Different from Regular Divorces?

While nearly 40% of marriages end in divorce, celebrity divorce rates are even higher than that, and while celebrities have been saying they’re just like everyday people, their divorces can become more complex and drawn out than the average divorce. Here are a few ways that a celebrity divorce differs from a typical divorce:

  • Conflicting schedules. Many professions can cause people in that line of work to have demanding and constantly changing schedules, and often, celebrities have very conflicting schedules. These schedules can make navigating child custody and other divorce matters complicated, especially if both parties are celebrities. Conflicting schedules can also complicate availability for mediation and negotiations. For instance, musicians are often on tour for months at a time, and actors may be filming and living on location, meaning they are away from home throughout film production.
  • Intellectual property disputes. Certain intangible assets can still be a point of contention between divorcing couples. Parties may argue that patents, trademarks, copyrights, royalties, and/or other intellectual property is a marital asset that is subject to division.
  • Added stress. Divorcing couples can feel pressure and stress no matter their job. However, celebrities can face added pressure because of the public opinion and media concerns brought on by the divorce.
  • Property division and finances. A celebrity divorce can be more complicated because the divorce is a high-asset and/or high-net-worth divorce. These divorces can be financially complex and may require the use of a forensic accountant.
  • Privacy and the public eye. Getting divorced is an emotional process just as much it is a legal process. As celebrities are in the public eye, they may struggle to privately process and honor their emotional journey. Being in the public eye can also complicate their divorce as fans, paparazzi, and the public may take photos or videos and invade their privacy throughout the proceedings.
  • More parties affected. Another unique issue with celebrity divorce is that more people can be affected by the divorce. Divorce affects the couple, their family, and friend circles, and with celebrity divorce, and with celebrity divorce, more parties can also suffer because of the divorce. For example, when Jeff Bezos was getting divorced, many people speculated about whether he would maintain control of his stake in Amazon or if his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott would get voting control; the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement. In the end, Bezos retained 75% of his original stake in the company and had voting control of Scott’s shares. However, there could have been a different outcome that affected the company's trajectory.

Celebrities aren’t the only people who have distinctive concerns to navigate during their divorce. If you are wondering what unique concerns people with other professions experience in divorce, check out our previous blogs that discuss tips for divorcing CEOs, businesswomen, and doctors.

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