Other Professionals That May Be Needed In A Divorce In Florida Besides An Attorney

When a client visits with an attorney and wants a divorce handled quickly and inexpensively in Florida, and the attorney recommends a mediator, a private investigator, an accountant, and a financial planner, and potentially other professionals, the client may feel overwhelmed. You also may need to seek professional assistance in matters regarding health insurance or life insurance plans- and who will pay those premiums and who would be the designated beneficiaries during and after your divorce.

All of these professionals take extra time to work with, as well as extra fees. The client may wonder if these people are even needed.

In some cases, divorces can be fast and inexpensive, and extra professionals are not needed. If there are no children, few or no assets, and no disagreements about any fundamental issues, it’s possible the attorney is the only professional you will need to help with the divorce.

However, if your attorney is recommending that you work with those professionals, there is a reason. It’s because you need services beyond the scope of what any attorney can handle.

Mediators can help in your divorce, and can actually make the process less expensive. A mediator will help couples work through their issues to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. The mediator will remain neutral and will help keep negotiations flowing.

Mediators can help make the divorce less expensive, because mediation may mean that couples do not have to fight these issues out in court, which can be extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Private investigators are definitely not needed in every divorce, but they can be invaluable in some situations. If a spouse believes the other spouse is cheating and committing adultery, and he or she needs proof for the divorce, a PI can help. A PI may help a spouse determine if the other spouse is hiding assets. A PI can investigate to see how the children are being treated when they are with the other spouse.

Financial professionals, such as accountants and financial planners, can also provide a great deal of help. Accountants can help with tax issues or can help examine the financial records of a spouse for a variety of purposes. Financial planners can help the spouse figure out a financial plan going forward, after the divorce.

While it can be frustrating to use several professionals during what you believe should be a simple divorce, if your attorney says they are needed you should take that advice seriously. Your attorney can help you locate high-quality professionals with experience in divorce issues.


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