When Getting A Divorce In Pasco County From An Abusive Husband, Can You Make Sure The Visits With Him Are Supervised?

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. In most situations, a divorce judge will not want to order supervised visitation, because that could interfere with the parent’s relationship with his children. A Florida divorce judge may, however, order supervised visitation if the judge believes that a child’s welfare could be endangered by unsupervised visitation.

Some situations in which a judge may order supervised visitation include if the parent has a history of physical, mental or sexual abuse, has been convicted of a serious crime, is at risk of kidnapping the child, or has threatened suicide. When deciding whether or not to order supervised visitation, the judge will consider what’s in the best interest of the child, and whether unsupervised visitation could endanger the child. Normally, if supervised visitation is ordered, it will apply to all of your children, unless there is an issue with only one child.

It’s not often easy to get supervised visitation. If you want to ensure that your children only see their father in a supervised situation, you will need to present a strong case in court about why your husband must be supervised and why he could present a danger to the children. This could include showing proof that he is a drug user, he has physically abused you, has threatened or attempted suicide, poses a strong danger of kidnapping, or anything else that could show that it would be unsafe to leave him alone with the children.


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