What Are My Legal Options In Florida If My Estranged Husband Keeps Coming And Going From Our House And Taking My Things?

I’m very sorry to hear about that your ex-husband is tormenting you and making you feel unsafe in your own home. In a situation like that, you have a couple of options.

First, if a court has not issued a ruling denying him access to the marital home, you cannot keep him out. You must get permission from a court to deny him access to the home. However, if he is threatening you or taking your things, you may consider obtaining a protective order against him. You could also ask the court for an emergency hearing to rule on the issue of him having access to the home. If he only wants his things, you could arrange a time with him to come by and pick up his things with a third party present.

There are a couple of types of protective orders in Florida that could help in your situation. You may consider an injunction for protection against domestic violence, or an injunction for protection against stalking. An injunction for protection against domestic violence is appropriate if there has been abuse involved, and orders the abuser to do certain acts and to stop doing certain acts.

An injunction for protection against stalking may also be appropriate. Stalking occurs when one person repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person. You may consider filing papers in court to prevent him from stalking you, which would include going into your home.


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