How Does Parental Time-Sharing Work in Florida?

When parents get divorced in Florida, they must work out an arrangement regarding their children. In most states, this is referred to as child custody, but in the state of Florida, the legally recognized term is “parental time-sharing.” The involvement of both parents in a child’s life is highly encouraged in Florida courts and it is extremely rare for any parent to be completely blocked from spending time with the children. That said, while equal parental time-sharing is considered best for the children, it is not always practical, given the difference in schedules, lifestyles, or location.

Parental Time-Sharing in Florida

In cases where it is possible for parents to share an equal amount of time with the children, it will not eliminate the possibility of child support. Under such circumstances, it is common for the parent who earns more income to pay child support to ensure the children maintain the same lifestyle they had while their parents were married.

There are many different methods for parental time-sharing to work. Below are some of the most common:

- A weekly exchange, wherein after school, every Friday, the children visit one of their parents. When both parents have similar work schedules, this is an especially ideal arrangement.

- The children visit one parent every two weeks, allowing them to spend greater lengths of time in each home.

- A monthly exchange, allowing the children to spend one month at a time in each parent’s home.

Of course, there are numerous other arrangements that can work. The ones listed above are only examples of 50/50 parental time-sharing schedules. However, another time of arrangement, such as a 60/40 schedule, may be more appropriate for your respective schedules. Regardless of the arrangement that is best for you and your children, it is crucial to hire an experienced family law attorney to assist you.

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