Documents You Should Collect to Prepare for Your Divorce

In addition to being an emotionally challenging process, divorce is also quite complex and involves a substantial amount of paperwork. Once you make the decision to move forward with a divorce, it is crucial to begin the task of collecting as many of these pertinent documents as you can. Doing so will save you time and help things move along smoothly and more efficiently. Not every divorce is the same, however, so you may need additional documents if you have more complex assets.

Preparing for Your Upcoming Divorce

Preparation is essential for a smooth divorce, so gather the documents you need and keep them in an organized file for your attorney. Staying organized is particularly critical when it comes to asset division because you will need a record of everything to ensure nothing that should be considered separate property lands on the chopping block by mistake.

Here are some documents you should begin collecting:

- Paycheck stubs for both you and your spouse from all sources of employment: You will need paycheck stubs from at least the past three years, including any documentation from businesses you or your spouse held an interest in.

- Business expenses: If you or your spouse has a business, collect all documentation regarding its expenses from the past three years.

- Tax returns: Include both state and federal and make sure you have copies from the past three years.

- Real estate documents: If you own property together or separately, you will need documentation, which you should be able to obtain through your bank or mortgage company.

You will also need to collect bank statements, statements from investment accounts, documentation related to retirement and pension funds, marital debts, and any automobiles you may own, including boats, ATVs, and snowmobiles. Since this is not an exhaustive list, it is crucial to reach out to an experienced attorney to find out what else you should prepare for your divorce.

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The divorce process can present a lot of difficulties, so it is crucial to hire a knowledgeable legal advocate. At Dale L. Bernstein, Chartered Law Office, our family law attorney is backed by more than 33 years of experience and is committed to helping families navigate some of life’s greatest legal challenges. You can rely on our team to provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

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