How To Move Out-Of-State With Your Children After Your Divorce In Pasco County, Florida

After a divorce, relocating out of town or out of state with your children is a custody issue and is often not an easy process. If the other parent does not agree, it can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive to get permission from the court before you can even begin the relocation process. As tough as the process is, there are steps you can take to make it easier.

First, if it is at all possible to come to an agreement with your children’s other parent, do so. You will both probably be happier with the outcome if you two can come to an agreement. You both know what your child or children need more than a judge, and if you two can work together, it will be better for all of you. This may mean you agree to a generous visitation schedule, such as extended time with your child during summer vacations or breaks from school.

If you absolutely cannot come to an agreement, mediation can help. Mediation can also help you reach a better arrangement than a court can. In many cases, mediators are attorneys who can help both parents work on an agreement with a little give-and-take. Mediation can be a much less contentious process than a court hearing and you are likely to be happier with the result.

If neither of those works for you, and the relocation is causing you a great deal of stress, you may consider counseling. A child’s relocation can be very stressful for both the relocating and the non-relocating parent. A counselor can also help you with some tools to make the move easier for children too.

You should also seek the services of an experienced family law attorney to help with the court hearing. Whether or not the relocation is approved will have an impact on the rest of your life, and it’s important that an attorney competently represent your interests in court.


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