How Can I Get A Restraining Order Dropped In Pasco County, FL?

Things can get heated during a divorce. There are a lot of highly contentious issues, such as child custody, child support, payment of alimony, and the division of property in a divorce case. Any one of these issues can be highly emotional for some couples. A couple that may have had a non-violent marriage may turn violent while working through these issues.

When domestic violence occurs, one or both spouses may go to court to get a restraining order against the other spouse. Restraining orders can also be called domestic violence injunctions or orders of protection. A restraining order is an order from the court telling the abuser to stop doing certain things, such as calling you or abusing you, or orders the abuser to take certain actions, like leaving your home.

A restraining order can be awarded in Florida if a judge believes that you are in immediate danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence, or if you are the victim of domestic violence. The restraining order may last for a certain period of time, or may not expire.

In some cases, after things cool down, one or both spouses may want the restraining order dropped. The spouse who took out the restraining order may have second thoughts. The spouse who had the restraining order filed against him or her may want it removed for a variety of reasons. In order to get a restraining order dropped in Florida, either spouse can file a petition in court to have a restraining order modified or dissolved. The judge will then decide whether or not the restraining order should stay in place.


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