Can You Refinance Your Home During A Divorce In Pasco County?

Divorcing can be very expensive for most people. Suddenly, the money that was used to pay for one household must pay for two. Many divorcing couples look for easy ways to lighten their financial load. Something that is appealing for many people is a refinance. Besides who actually gets the house in a divorce, this is one of the most frequent questions we’re asked.

If you refinance your home during a divorce, you may be able to reduce your payments or pull out some equity from the home that can be used to help with your immediate financial needs.

If you and your spouse have not divorced, and you are both in agreement about the home refinance, and the bank is willing to do the refinance, that may be a great option for you. However, in most cases couples are not in agreement about a refinance during a divorce, because the future of the home’s ownership and equity are probably uncertain.

In many cases, issues of refinancing, whose names are on the mortgage and deed, and division of the equity are issues that are decided by the divorce court. However, a lot relies on the willingness of the bank to refinance as well.


It’s very important that you get good legal and financial advice before you take any steps regarding the home ownership or the mortgage. You will probably need specific language in your divorce agreement that will cover your particular situation.

If you have been working on refinancing issues during a divorce in Pasco County, it’s highly recommended that you consult with an attorney. There may be a lot of legal issues that arise as part of the process, and it’s highly recommended you get good legal advice before anything is finalized.


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