What Can I Do In Florida If My Ex Doesn't Show Up For Scheduled Visitation With Our Child?

It can be extremely frustrating, as well as heartbreaking, when your ex-spouse fails to show up for scheduled visitations. Your child is probably disappointed, and your plans may have to be changed.

Unfortunately, you cannot call the police and ask them to bring your former spouse over. You should reach out to your ex and find out what is the problem. Is he or she simply delayed, or a no show? Next, focus on your child. Let him or her know that delays are normal, and keep the child busy with other activities. When you are able to see your ex, ask if you can change the schedule to a more convenient time to avoid this happening again.

If your ex just simply refuses to show up for scheduled visitation, have a talk with him or her. Ask in a non-confrontational way if there is some type of arrangement that will help with his or her failure to show up - for example, meeting at a different location. Although you probably do not want to try to accommodate the other parent, and that’s understandable, your child needs a relationship with his or her other parent. If you aren’t able to work anything out, reassure your child, and don’t tell him or her about any future visits. That will just lead to disappointment - instead, if your ex actually does show up, it can be a surprise for the child.


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