I Want My Florida Divorce To Be Over As Quickly As Possible. What Can I Do To Make Sure That Happens?

The speed at which the divorce occurs can be frustrating for divorcing spouses. Unfortunately, you and your attorney cannot completely control the divorce or its speed - you can only control your portion of the divorce.

One of the biggest factors in determining how long your divorce will take is the judicial system. Judges typically have a large docket of cases and may not be able to efficiently handle them. You may feel like you have a lack of control and that your life is on hold, which can lead to fighting. Unfortunately, you and your attorney do not have much control on how quickly the judicial system operates. The best thing you can do is to be patient and quickly comply with any requests from the court.

Divorces are also commonly delayed because of a delay in financial disclosure. You must disclose your finances as part of the divorce, and that can take a while for both spouses to complete. You may have to wait for financial statements, and you may even want to hire financial experts to help. This can take time. You should start the process early and stay on top of it to help avoid a delay.

Finally, if your spouse and/or his or her attorney are uncooperative, this can also delay a divorce. Unfortunately, as long as the other side is complying with the court, there is not much that can usually be done to speed up the other side. Your attorney may have some ideas to help motivate the other side to speed up, but if not, be patient and know that you simply do not have any control over that portion of the divorce.


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