What Should I Do If My Driver's License Or Passport Has Been Suspended For Non-Payment Of Child Support In Florida?

The state of Florida will often suspend a parent’s driver’s license for failing to pay child support.

Obviously, losing your driver’s license can limit your ability to go to work, which can make it even more difficult to pay child support. If you lose your driver’s license for non-payment of child support, you can file a Motion to Contest Driver’s License Suspension. You can ask that your license not be suspended, or that the entire action go away. In most cases, the court will allow you to pay some amount in order to stop the suspension.

If you do wish to file a Motion to Contest Driver’s License Suspension, you only have 20 days to file the motion to contest the suspension in order to keep your license from being suspended. If you do not file the motion within 20 days of the date of the notice, your driver’s license will be suspended without any further notice to you.

In order to have your passport suspended, normally you must owe $2,500 or more in child support. Unfortunately for you, the court cannot order that your passport be returned to you, even if you need it for a legitimate reason like an overseas job or to visit a sick relative in another country. However, what you can do is to check to make sure that every amount you have paid has been properly credited. There also may be an error with the amount that you are being told you are required to pay. If there are errors, you can file a motion to correct those errors, which could bring your balance under $2,500, which would allow you to keep your passport.


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