Divorce Lawyer Explains How Alimony Is Paid Under Florida Law

In Florida, there are generally four ways to pay alimony. The first is that the payor makes the payment directly to the former spouse who receives it. This is the simplest way.

However, most spouses are not thrilled about paying alimony, and in some cases will not pay it reliably and must be forced to do so. The recipient spouse may not want the payor spouse to know where he or she is living, so it may be paid by another method. The court may have also ordered that it be paid another way.

The second way to pay alimony is through the State Disbursement Unit. The State Disbursement Unit is a centralized agency for the collection and disbursement of alimony and child support. Under Florida law, many alimony payments must be made through the State Disbursement Unit, unless the parties can agree otherwise, or do not have a minor child.

Another way to pay alimony is through an Income Withholding Order. An Income Withholding Order is a way to deduct alimony payments directly from the payor’s paycheck. The employer would then send the payments to the State Disbursement Unit. If the parties can agree, the payment of alimony can be made directly from one spouse to the other without an Income Withholding Order.

A final way to pay alimony is with an Income Withholding Order, but instead of sending the payments to the State Disbursement Unit, the payments are sent directly from the employer to the recipient spouse.

If you have been ordered to pay alimony in Florida, you may have some questions that need to be answered by an attorney. You may also wish to have a modification made to your alimony agreement and live in Pasco County.


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