What Type Of Insurance Changes Do I Need To Make After A Divorce In Florida?

Any major life change can also have a huge impact on your financial life, including your insurance policies. After a divorce, it’s important that you assess your finances, including your insurance policies, and make any changes that may be needed as a result of your new situation.

For most people, the most important insurance policy they have is their health insurance policy. After a divorce, if you have your own policy through your job or that you purchase, you can keep it. If you are on your spouse’s policy, you can choose to stay on it for up to 36 months, but you have to pay the entire premium yourself - for many people that is cost prohibitive.

You will also need separate car insurance policies after your divorce and the cars have been divided. Your ex should be removed from your policy. Unfortunately, you may lose discounts you had before, such as a married discount or a discount for insuring multiple cars on one policy.

Life insurance is also important during and after a divorce. You may be required as part of your divorce to buy life insurance and name your ex as a beneficiary. If not, you should examine any current policies you have and remove your spouse as a beneficiary.

Disability insurance is also critically important, especially for single people. Disability insurance pays a portion of your income if you can’t work because of an injury or illness. Now that you aren’t married and will not be able to rely on your spouse’s income in the event of a disability, you should consider disability insurance.

Finally, you will need to let your homeowner’s insurance company know if one spouse moves out. The policy should also be changed to the name of the homeowner after the divorce is final. If you choose to rent during or after the divorce, consider renter’s insurance.


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