Common Issues in a High Asset Divorce

Every divorce has its own unique obstacles and complications. In high asset divorce cases, however, the challenges are often much more substantial due to the assets involved. Not only does a high net worth complicate matters, but it is also not uncommon for such cases to involve assets, such as businesses or overseas investments, which are not typically seen in other cases. That is why it is essential to hire an experienced high asset divorce attorney.

Matters to Consider in a High Asset Divorce

Whenever there is a lot at stake in a divorce, more complications tend to arise. Neither spouse in the marriage necessarily has to have a high salary for their split to be considered a high asset divorce. A high asset divorce can include intellectual property, real estate investments, fine jewelry, boats and vehicles, art collections, stocks and bonds, and other significant material assets a couple may own.

Here are some of the issues you may encounter as you navigate your high asset divorce:

- Hidden assets: When a couple has so many high-value assets, it can be easier to tuck some of them away, leading to an unfair settlement. An attorney with experience in handling such matters will know how to protect what is yours.

- Accurate asset valuation: Getting accurate valuations for all of your assets can be far more time-consuming and difficult when you have a high number of assets or assets that require more specialized valuation.

- Maintaining the lifestyle: Alimony is typically designed to help the spouse who earns less maintain the standard of living that was enjoyed during the marriage. In high asset cases, however, it takes a lot more to bridge that gap, which is why determining alimony under these circumstances is usually more complex.

Additionally, high asset divorces are often substantially more time-consuming, especially if one spouse is less inclined to negotiate.

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