How a Forensic Accountant Can Help During a Divorce

There are several benefits to using a forensic accountant during a divorce, especially if you think that your spouse could be hiding assets, such as bank accounts. A forensic accountant is typically hired during the divorce preparation stage to help ensure you have all the financial documentation you need to file for divorce. Forensic accounting services can help determine the following:

  • Calculate how much money is available for alimony payments
  • Determine what is an appropriate amount of child support
  • Uncover hidden assets, debts, and income streams
  • Find community assets and liabilities

Today, we will go over the ways a forensic accountant can assist you with your divorce.

Benefits of Forensic Accounting in a Divorce Proceeding

The ways that forensic accounting can help you during a divorce include but are not limited to the following:

Uncover hidden assets

You can discover hidden bank accounts, including offshore accounts, property, real estate, and more through forensic accounting. Forensic accounting can find financial information one spouse had no idea existed.

Perform a business valuation

Your spouse may own one or more businesses which could be valuable. However, if you do not know how much each business is worth, then how can you negotiate properly during the asset and property division part of your divorce proceeding?

Search for any inconsistencies in financial information

If your spouse tries to lie about their finances or accidentally makes a mistake filling out their divorce documentation, a forensic accountant can figure this out.

Assist your attorney in the event you need to prepare a subpoena

If you think your spouse is hiding a bank account from you, you can subpoena the bank to get access to these bank records.

Help calculate support payments

Testify in court

You will need a professional to testify against your spouse if he/she is hiding assets.

Assist your attorney if your spouse hires a forensic accountant as well

A forensic accountant can help provide support during interrogations and the preparatory stage of a deposition. He/she can review work that this professional has completed to ensure your rights are protected.

Provide advice and input during the settlement process

A forensic accountant can also inform you of certain tax consequences of proposed actions during and after a divorce.

If you need assistance uncovering hidden assets, our experienced attorneys can help you. Contact us online or by calling (727) 312-1112 today.


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