How Can I Save Money On My Divorce In Pasco County, Florida?

Many people going through a divorce look to save money on the divorce process. After all, usually a divorce means the payment of alimony and/or child support, as well as potentially transitioning from a one two-income household into two one-income households. However, there are ways to make a divorce cheaper.

It’s possible to obtain a Legal Aid representation, if your income is low enough. Also, in some cases the court will order your spouse to pay the attorney’s fees. This typically happens in cases where one spouse earns a significantly more amount of money than the other spouse. You can discuss with your attorney whether that is an option and how the attorney will get paid if that is the case.

The best way to save money on a divorce is to agree with your spouse on all critical issues, including child support, alimony (if any), division of your property, and custody arrangements. Often divorces end up costing substantially more than they should because a lot of attorney time is spent negotiating issues on which the parties can’t agree. In many cases, this is money well spent, if the issues are major ones. If you are able to come to an agreement, an attorney can draw up the settlement agreement and the divorce will be a fairly inexpensive one when compared with a contested divorce with a lot of outstanding issues.

Those are the good ways in which to save money on a Florida divorce. Choosing to represent yourself is usually not a good idea. You will most likely not know what your rights are in the divorce, or what your responsibilities are. You may lose certain aspects of your case because you don’t know the legal procedures in which to assert your rights.


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