Should I Hire A Male Or Female Divorce Attorney In Pasco County?

If you are going through a divorce in Pasco County, Florida, particularly if it is not a friendly divorce, you may be very tempted to choose an attorney based on his or her gender.

For example, you may be a woman who is furious at your husband and has sworn never to have any dealings with another man again, including a male divorce attorney. While that is definitely understandable, it’s usually better to choose an attorney based on other factors.

There are several stereotypes about men versus women divorce attorneys. One stereotype that many men believe is that if they hire a female attorney, the female attorney will “soften” the position of the man to make it look less harsh.

For example, a male client telling the court that he doesn’t believe he should have to pay $2,000 a month in alimony to his lazy ex-wife may look nicer coming from a female attorney. Another stereotype is that if a woman hires a male attorney, he will be better able to stand up to her husband and will better project an image of strength in the negotiations.

In reality, these stereotypes are just myths. Some better factors to consider in choosing a divorce attorney are his or her experience, strategy, skill, and your comfort level with the attorney. You may spend a lot of time with this attorney, and you may have to share some private details of your marriage with him or her.

You will want someone you can trust and with whom you feel comfortable. Your attorney’s strategy on the case will also be important - for example, if you definitely do not want to litigate the case, you will have to communicate that with the attorney to see if that is the approach the attorney would take.

The bottom line is this.... you want the best divorce attorney you can find.


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