If My Boyfriend Moves In After My Divorce, Will That Affect My Custody Arrangements In Florida?

If you are considering moving in with someone after a divorce, and you have minor children, you should think seriously about the relationship before you decide to take the leap.

You should consider whether or not your boyfriend and your children have had a chance to get to know one another. They may not feel comfortable around each other, or he may not be a good role model for your children.

Also, any time that an adult moves in, he or she assumes a parental role with your child, even if that is not what you intend to happen. If the divorce happened fairly recently, or if your child does not know your partner that well, it can put your child in an awkward situation.

If your child and your new partner are on good terms with each other and you believe that the situation would be a positive one for your child, you also need to consider your custody agreement.

Your ex may have some concerns about how this new living arrangement will affect your child or children. If possible, allow your ex to meet your new partner so he can see that this new living arrangement will be a positive one.

However, if your ex is concerned about the situation, he can attempt to change custody because of the new living arrangements. If your new partner has a history of drug abuse, a criminal past, or anything else that would raise red flags for a court, that could negatively impact custody.

Also, if you move in together and your child’s life is disrupted, the court may decide your child needs a different living arrangement.


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